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Optimising Forestry Carbon Offsets with the Help of Technology

Bill Kentrup

Co-founder & Head of Origination at Allinfra

Learn what challenges are faced by forest carbon credits and the solutions that technology can offer.

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Meet the Team: Cindy Chan

Introducing Cindy Chan from our Hong Kong headquarters.

Team Allinfra


Allinfra Awarded as Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

1 of 100 most promising Technology Pioneers of 2022.

Team Allinfra


Allinfra Climate Received Honourable Mentions in Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards

Our sustainability data management software was recognised in the AI and Data, Climate, and Energy categories.

Team Allinfra


Green Bonds: Financing Assets that are Good for the Planet

How green bonds can help meet both financial and environmental goals.

Team Allinfra


Access to Financing in a Carbon-constrained World

Allinfra co-founder and Head of Origination on the future of green lending.

Bill Kentrup


Meet The Team: Ryan Chan

Introducing our Hong Kong-based Full Stack Engineer.

Team Allinfra


What Are Renewable Energy Certificates?

How RECs work, the benefits and a new type of REC.

Team Allinfra


What is ESG Reporting and Why is It Important?

An overview of ESG and three reasons why it's important for your organisation.

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How Do Green Bonds Work?

An introduction to green bonds, how they work and a new type of green bond.

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Meet the Team: Iris Van Kerckhove

Meet Iris and learn about Allinfra's digital-first approach to marketing.

Team Allinfra


Why Carbon Offsets are Necessary to Fight Climate Change

The effectiveness of carbon offsets and how to make them better products with superior underlying data.

Team Allinfra


Meet the Team: Nicolae Oprisan

In the first post of the 'Meet the Team' series, get to know our Head of Engineering, Nick.

Team Allinfra


How Technology Will Transform the Green Bond Market

Why green bonds matter and how technology can optimise them.

Dave Sandor


HK Fintech Week 2021 Recap

Allinfra's participation in HK Fintech Week and its contribution to BIS Innovation Hub's new report.

Team Allinfra


Project Genesis at COP26

What is a 'COP', why COP26 is crucial and an update on a very special project.

Team Allinfra


Video: Allinfra Climate Explained

What is Allinfra Climate exactly? How do organisations use our technology to achieve ESG goals and how does the technology work?

Team Allinfra


China’s Emissions Trading Scheme and Its Impact on Business

An introduction to China's carbon market and what the new ETS means.

Team Allinfra


Allinfra Collaborates with the Bank for International Settlements Innovation Hub

Project Genesis explores the use of blockchain and IoT technologies to drive transparency of green investments.

Team Allinfra


Why Allinfra Climate Uses Blockchain Technology

Boosting climate action with blockchain technology.

Dave Sandor


The Future of Environmental Financial Products is Digital

What environmental financial products are and why they're going digital.

Dave Sandor


Allinfra Welcomes New Funding

We're excited to announce that we've closed a strategic round of funding.

Team Allinfra


Environmental Data Dashboard

An introduction to Allinfra Climate’s full life cycle environmental data solution.

Team Allinfra


Allinfra Climate Technology Implemented by Leading Renewable Energy Companies

Meet UPC Renewables and Canopy Power.

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Managing Your EFP Portfolio on Allinfra Climate

Purchase, track and retire EFPs on the Allinfra Climate User Dashboard.

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dREC Creation on the Allinfra Climate Platform

Allinfra Climate makes it easy to verify data underlying environmental products.

Dave Sandor


What is a dREC?

A quick look at Allinfra Climate's digital Renewable Energy Certificate.

Team Allinfra


Meet Allinfra Climate

We’re excited to announce the launch of Allinfra Climate!

Team Allinfra


Emission Reductions

Environmental Financial Products & Sustainable Infrastructure: Part 2

Bill Kentrup


The Advantages of a Token

We answer a frequently asked question: why use a new form of security?

Dave Sandor


Why Infrastructure Isn’t Funded By the Community…and Why It Should Be

The current constraints of infrastructure funding and re-imagining the model.

Dave Sandor


Climate Change: The Background Challenge

Environmental Financial Products & Sustainable Infrastructure: Part 1

Bill Kentrup


Why Infrastructure?

The reasons why we are developing technology for the tokenization of unlisted infrastructure.

Team Allinfra