Our Team
Allinfra’s differentiator is its people - our team has decades of experience across infrastructure investment, capital markets, financial structuring, environmental products and technology
Dave Sandor
Co-founder & CEO
Bill Kentrup
Co-founder & Head of Origination
Ronnie Potel
Adrian Bancu
Technology Team Lead
Clare Laverty
Marketing Lead
Glenn Stewart
Structuring and Execution Lead
Giacomo Gaetani
Infrastructure Team
Nicolae Oprisan
Software Architect / Blockchain Developer
Teodora Vlad
QA Engineer
Valentin Bica
Full Stack Developer
Ionut Iorgulescu
Full Stack Developer
Liviu Damian
DevOps Lead
Stefan Musat
Alexandru Rusu
Full Stack Developer
Leonard Mocanu
Full Stack Developer
Denis Firu
Product / Graphic / Visual Design
Octavian Todirut
Product / Graphic / Visual Design
Joe Lubin
John Lilic
Ashby Monk