We’re excited to announce the launch of Allinfra Climate!

A little over 12 months ago Allinfra launched as a platform providing access to unlisted infrastructure and environmental financial products. Now, in keeping with that theme, and with a strong focus on sustainability, we’re bringing to market a platform and a set of technologies that will allow everyone to contribute to and participate in the development of sustainable infrastructure.

So, what is Allinfra Climate and why is it important?

Allinfra Climate focuses on using blockchain technology to better track and represent the environmental attributes associated with sustainable infrastructure — whether that’s through the creation of digital certificates linked to the production of renewable energy, digital credits representing CO2 saved or even digital representations of years of life saved through the application of sustainable infrastructure.

Allinfra Climate will let almost anyone finance clean infrastructure and other environmentally friendly projects through the purchase of environmental attributes linked to those projects. What does this mean? It means that you can buy and hold a permanent and detailed record of the positive environmental impact linked to sustainable infrastructure, helping you meet your personal, corporate or even government environmental impact goals. Transfer of these environmental attributes from party to party is also permanently recorded on the blockchain, ensuring that any claim of environmental impact can only be made once, permanently recording the retirement of such claim. By working with owners of renewable energy assets and other sustainable infrastructure, Allinfra Climate is connecting more people to environmentally friendly projects and helping companies and individuals alike meet their sustainability goals.

What are environmental attributes and environmental financial products?

Environmental attributes are essentially the “green” benefits or positive environmental impact associated with a particular project or asset. Environmental financial products are typically certificates or credits that represent and quantify these environmental attributes.

For example, a solar panel that produces solar power also has a measurable positive impact on the environment—using clean and renewable energy to power homes or factories, as opposed to a traditional fuel source that emits greenhouse gases and other air emissions. In this case, certificates or credits can be created to quantify how much traditional power usage or greenhouse gas production was avoided by this solar panel.

We will go through these concepts in more detail in a follow-up post.

What makes Allinfra Climate different to other climate solutions?

Allinfra Climate provides a direct link between the environmental impact of an asset and investors seeking to drive such impact as evidenced through a permanent digital certificate. We use a blockchain based solution to ensure you can have:

  1. Absolute certainty that the digital certificate you hold can be directly and permanently linked back to a specific asset and production period;
  2. Peace of mind that your impact data is coming directly from the asset and not contingent on a third party that sits between the asset itself and the creation of the digital certificates you hold;
  3. The ability to hold, transfer or claim those attributes without an intermediary, in a cost efficient, trustless and provable way;
  4. Through Allinfra, eligible investors can also hold a digital ownership or economic interest in the sustainable assets they support.

In follow-up posts we’ll go through how you can sign-up for transactions on Allinfra Climate and how the underlying environmental attributes are created, held traded and claimed. In the meantime, head to Allinfra Climate to learn more.

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