An end-to-end asset tokenization platform.

Create verifiable green financial products with a single solution.

asset tokenization platform

Digitise Green Financial Products

Using our asset tokenization platform, create digital green financial products, such as green bonds, with few intermediaries and friction costs.

Link to Green Performance Data

Permanently tie underlying source performance data to your products by integrating Allinfra’s green data feed technology – improving transparency, auditability and immutability.

asset tokenization platform
asset tokenization platform

Future-proof Your Business

New standards are coming to the green finance market. Stay ahead of the curve by providing asset owners, lenders, ratings agencies and insurers with verifiable, near real-time, asset-level data.

Why Allinfra Digital

asset tokenization platform

Simplified Stakeholder Management

Allinfra Digital’s easy-to-use interface allows users to manage multiple issuers, custodians, investors and other parties involved in the lifecycle of the traded financial instruments.

asset tokenization platform

Integrated Green Data Feed

Our proprietary green data feed technology provides users with verified performance data for green financial products and stakeholders with evidence of positive environmental impact.

asset tokenization platform

Full Lifecycle Management Direct from the Interface

This asset tokenization platform allows users to mint and manage tokens directly from the interface, with custody solutions integration to ensure a seamless user experience.

asset tokenization platform

Flexible Structures and Administration

A variety of digital financial products can be created across the capital spectrum in an environment to suit individual requirements. Fine grained access control for administrators, issuers, custodians and others.

asset tokenization platform

Comprehensive Investor Onboarding

Our streamlined accreditation allows institutions to meet onboarding requirements with KYC and FATCA/CRS functionality.

asset tokenization platform

Built-in Compliance

Users can ensure that their digital assets comply with regulation by utilising our services that can be tailored to requirements across jurisdictions.

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