All infrastructure, for all.

Changing how individuals and institutions create, invest in and trade infastructure and environmental assets.

Introducing Allinfra Digital

An end-to-end tokenization platform with a focus on infrastructure and environmental assets.

What is Infrastructure?

Infrastructure assets are the basic physical structures and facilities required for the operation of a society and its economy.

Why is it sought after?

Infrastructure assets are typically characterised by long operational lives, high barriers to entry and inflation-linked revenue growth, resulting in a stable income stream for investors.

How can I own it?

It’s difficult. Investing directly in large scale unlisted infrastructure is severely constrained for all but the largest institutional investors.

Why Allinfra Digital?

Led by a team of infrastructure, financing and technology experts, Allinfra is helping to deliver unlisted infrastructure exposure in a liquid, low cost form that will change the way infrastructure is financed and traded.

Benefits for Investors


​​Unprecedented access to unlisted infrastructure.

Greater Returns

​​​​Fewer intermediaries and minimal friction costs.


​​​​Immediate liquidity.


​​Pick your target asset or market segment.


​​Flexible, tokenized, direct economic interest in the underlying asset pool.

Benefits for Issuers


​​​​Direct access to a broad pool of end investors.

Greater Returns

​​Fewer intermediaries between the asset and provider of financing.


​​​​​​Raise financing across the capital structure.

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