Allinfra Climate

Sustainability data management software.

The Allinfra Climate system conforms with RE100 technical requirements – validated by TÜV Rheinland.

TUV RheinlandRE 100

Multi-purpose Green Data Feed

Allinfra Climate gives your organisation a repository of verifiable, auditable data that can be used for sustainability reporting to stakeholders, ESG risk management or the creation of financial products.

sustainability data management software
sustainability data management software

Data-enhanced Financial Products

This same technology can provide transparent green asset performance measurement and permanently tie underlying data to traditional financial products such as green bonds – reducing the risk of greenwashing in the green finance market.

Digital Environmental Financial Product Creation

Use Allinfra's technology to take green data and create digital environmental financial products – traceable, verifiable, no intermediaries and total transparency from end to end, at a lower cost.

sustainability data management software

Allinfra Climate Explained

Introducing the Allinfra Climate Dapp

The Allinfra Climate Dapp is a decentralised application that allows organisations to easily create and transfer digital environmental financial products without intermediaries.

Whether you are creating RECs, EACs or carbon credits, Allinfra Climate ensures that underlying data is verifiable and available in near real-time, improving provenance, increasing transparency and reducing delays in product creation.

Allinfra dapp table

Get Started with Allinfra Climate

Whether you’re an asset owner or an investor, our solutions can help you reach your sustainability goals with better data and the ability to create digital environmental financial product.