Achieve your ESG goals.

Auditable, verifiable data for sustainability management and reporting with Allinfra Climate.

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Don't just estimate your carbon footprint. Measure it. Allinfra Climate collects data directly from assets to accurately assess your environmental impact.

Report Environmental Performance

Avoid greenwashing. Allinfra Climate gives your organisation a repository of reliable, immutable data that can be used for sustainability reporting to stakeholders.

Undertake Green Financing

Transparency and accuracy are the new standards. Allinfra helps you collect the auditable, verifiable data you need for green finance.

Monetise with Digital Environmental Financial Products

Our end-to-end solution can package data associated with green attributes into products like digital RECs (dRECs) or emission reductions that you can hold, sell or retire.

Allinfra Climate Explained

Why Allinfra Climate

Verifiable & Auditable Data

Using blockchain technology, climate-related data is gathered directly from devices and other verifiable sources, permanently tied to products and other ratings or reporting uses.

Enterprise-ready & Geo-adaptable

Our institutional-grade platform scales effortlessly, ensuring synchronicity with national and international financial markets.

Simple Connection

Our technology requires no hardware, is easy to implement and connects into existing infrastructure.

High Value

Cost-effective data packaging for reporting, finance, risk management, compliance and other high value use cases.


We have solutions across industries—from solar and wind farms, to green data centres, financial services, real estate, forests and manufacturing.


We develop solutions for a wide range of corporate, institutional and government-related entities across several industries.

Get Started with Allinfra Climate

Whether you’re an asset owner or an investor, our solutions can help you reach your sustainability goals with better data and the ability to create digital environmental financial product.