When we created Allinfra Climate, we wanted to build a platform that made it simple to not only view and verify data underlying an environmental financial product (“EFP”), but also an interface and tools that made it easy to purchase, track, monitor and retire these products. In this article, we will introduce to you the Allinfra Climate User Dashboard and how Allinfra Climate users can view and manage their Allinfra Climate EFP portfolios.

For an introduction to Allinfra Climate, check out our post Meet Allinfra Climate, for an introduction to environmental financial products take a look at our post on What is a dREC and for information on the dREC creation process, check out our post dREC Creation and Data Verification.

Anyone holding Allinfra EFPs, like dRECs, can view and manage the products in their wallet on the Allinfra Climate User Dashboard. Through this dashboard the user can:

  1. View information about their holdings, including the breakdown by product and vintage, as well as other important documents, notices and data;
  2. Transfer or trade EFPs with others; and
  3. Retire EFPs, claim the environmental benefits and share those claims with the public.

We will focus on 1 and 3 in this post and discuss 2 in detail in a later article. First, let’s take a look at the product information available on the portal.

Portfolio overview and information

Whether on desktop or mobile, the User Dashboard provides information about each of the EFPs held in a buyer’s wallet, including:

  • The types of EFPs held;
  • Details on the underlying assets associated with these EFPs; and
  • The number of each EFP held or retired, both by asset and by vintage.

Users can also view other critical product and asset information, including the time period a vintage relates to, specific meter readings related to a vintage, the serial number of the meter from which the meter readings were gathered, the meter key, the owner and operator of the asset, the terms and conditions of that particular EFP and even any third party certifications or qualifications that apply.

The User Dashboard allows EFP holders to verify the provenance of their EFPs down to the meter level. By clicking on the relevant smart contract addresses associated with an EFP or vintage and by following the process we outlined here, EFP holders can use our Alethio integration to read the data, for instance meter readings, directly from the blockchain, confirming the source production data displayed on Allinfra Climate and underlying their EFPs.

Retirement and claims

When an EFP holder is ready to make an environmental claim, they can retire their EFPs through a simple “burning” process. By logging into the User Dashboard and their wallet, a retirement of an EFP can take place with the press of a button. The burning process sends the EFP to a burning address, effectively destroying the EFP and taking it out of circulation. This ensures digital EFPs that have been retired cannot be double-counted or double-claimed. Burning is completely transparent and tamperproof - when the EFPs are burnt, the information associated with that action is recorded on the blockchain for anyone to verify.

When the EFPs are burnt, Allinfra Climate pulls the information about that retirement from the blockchain and organizes it in an easy-to-read format. Here, users can view the number of EFPs retired, the specific vintages retired and the timing of those retirements, all organized by wallet address. Depending on each buyers’ preferences, the information can be anonymized or attributed to the company or individual that owns the wallet, giving users the option to share their environmental contribution publically.

The ability to independently verify environmental claims and the data to which they relate is a critical piece of the environmental product market that is currently missing - the Allinfra Climate platform provides a clean, simple method of verification based on blockchain technology.

In conclusion, we have created the Allinfra Climate User Dashboard to allow buyers and sellers alike to easily manage their EFP holdings and view all the information associated with those products in one place.

In the next article, we will walk through the peer-to-peer Exchange within Allinfra Climate - a simple, streamlined way to trade directly with other parties on Allinfra Climate.

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