Allinfra is pleased to announce that UPC Renewables and Canopy Power have adopted Allinfra’s blockchain based platform for the reliable, auditable and verifiable capture of data from selected renewable energy assets within their portfolios, an important step toward the fight against climate change through the application of purpose-built technology.

The blockchain based platform connects directly to asset devices, giving the asset owner the ability to collect and aggregate data across assets for a variety of purposes, from internal and external reporting, to ESG ratings, climate accounting and/or as the backing data for the creation of environmental financial products.

Using Allinfra’s state of the art platform, asset performance data can be trusted and audited in a low cost, reliable manner, with the choice of maintaining privacy - allowing that data to be used and relied upon by third parties without exposing critical private information.

“Whether in relation to clean energy, efficient buildings and industrial assets, or land use and forestry, being able to measure, report and verify asset performance in an auditable and timely manner will help solidify and amplify global climate change efforts. With an ever increasing focus and reliance on environmental and sustainability reporting it’s critical that ESG-relevant data is cost effective to gather, simple to audit and is able to be trusted by third parties - whether that’s for measurement against targets or the creation and retirement of environmental financial products without double-counting,” said Dave Sandor Co-Founder and CEO of Allinfra.

UPC Renewables is one of the largest independent renewable energy companies in the Asia-Pacific region, with assets comprising over 6GW in operation, under construction and in development.

Canopy Power serves customers throughout South East Asia and the Pacific who either have no mains electrical grid access, or access to only a weak electrical grid. Canopy Power designs, builds and finances optimized renewable energy microgrid solutions which enable customers to achieve substantial cost savings through reduced diesel fuel usage, while reducing pollution and CO2 emissions.

Allinfra is revolutionising the infrastructure and environmental financial product markets - bringing to market a platform and a set of technologies that allows for reliable and accessible ESG data. Allinfra’s platform enables everyone to contribute to and participate in the development of sustainable infrastructure.

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