Environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) goals have become increasingly important for consumers, investors and corporations alike in recent years. In order to meet these goals, parties have realized that the ability to track, trace and understand their ESG related data in a trusted, transparent and simple manner is crucial. At Allinfra, we have developed technology that helps stakeholders collect climate relevant data, visualize their footprint, and create, transfer and retire environmental products, all via Allinfra Climate’s full life cycle solution.

This technology can be implemented across many asset types and industries, including commercial real estate, infrastructure, renewable energy assets and even electric vehicles. In this post, we will introduce you to some of the features in Allinfra Climate’s Environmental Data Dashboard and how we can help asset owners better capture and utilize their climate related data.

Trusted data collection

Allinfra Climate’s technology starts at the source - connected smart devices and building management systems. By working together with smart device manufacturers and asset owners, our service is able to connect to existing devices and management systems in order to securely collect and store relevant environmental data in an immutable format. The collected and stored data can be used not only for internal environmental data visualization and reporting, but also as backing data for green financing instruments (like green bonds), ESG ratings and for the creation and retirement environmental products (like renewable energy certificates and emission reductions).

Understand your footprint at all levels

The Environmental Data Dashboard allows you to visualize environmental impact all the way from the portfolio level down to the individual device. At the portfolio level, by integrating with a variety of assets, meter models and building systems, Allinfra Climate gives asset owners the ability to aggregate their environmental data across diverse device and system manufacturers. Similarly, the performance of each individual asset is available on an asset by asset basis, but is also able to be broken down and viewed at the individual device level. Equipped with this information, asset owners are able to make informed decisions about their environmental impact and generate targeted solutions.

Mobilize your environmental data to meet climate and financial goals

Armed with this data, asset owners can take appropriate steps to proactively mitigate environmental risks, reduce costs and meet ESG goals. Importantly, the Allinfra Climate platform creates an auditable way for external parties to verify ESG related claims. While the data can be used in its most basic form to justify high level claims (like commitments made to reduce carbon footprint or energy usage, for example), its true value lies as evidence for more complicated products. When combined with smart contracts, the data can be utilized to back green financing instruments (such as green leases, bonds and loans) and other environmental products (like dRECs and emission reductions). In particular, by integrating the collected data on the Allinfra Climate platform, asset owners can identify their environmental product requirements (i.e. what they need to buy to meet a stated goal) or supply (if they are a generator of renewable energy, determine what can be packaged and sold) and then automatically buy, sell, transfer and retire these products.

Full transparency and privacy solutions

Finally, the climate related data captured via Allinfra Climate’s technology can be stored in our public or hybrid solution, depending on the transparency preferences of the asset owner. In both cases, environmental products can be created from this data and linked back to source. This gives buyers and other third-party users of the data certainty of its provenance and veracity, without exposing data that may be sensitive to the asset owner.

Allinfra Climate’s platform allows all stakeholders, including consumers, investors and corporates, to better understand and manage their climate footprint.

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