Team Allinfra is proud to announce that we are working with the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Innovation Hub and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) on a landmark project.

Project Genesis explores the use of blockchain and IoT technologies to drive transparency of green investments and accessibility to small investors. Its aim is to build a prototype digital infrastructure that can enable green investments and help issuers and governments to meet environmental and sustainability goals.

Issuing and investing in bonds can be complex and time-consuming, involving many steps and parties, and requiring a considerable financial commitment from investors. When it comes to environmentally-friendly projects, historically there has been uncertainty about whether the bond issuer is actually delivering the positive green impact it claimed to do after issuance. Additionally, there are typically no liquid and transparent secondary markets for retail investors.

The BIS Innovation Hub Hong Kong Centre and the HKMA joined forces with the technology industry to address these challenges by exploring the tokenisation of green bonds enabling investment in small denominations, combined with real-time tracking of environmental outputs.

Allinfra will provide technology for the gathering and reporting of verifiable data for Project Genesis, enabling the tracking of the positive environmental impact of projects in real time.

To learn more about this project, please see BIS’s press release.