Name: Nicolae Oprisan

Job Title: Head of Engineering

Join Date: 2018

What do you do in your role at Allinfra?

I lead engineering at Allinfra. This encompasses everything from overseeing software architecture and development (including the development of the blockchain contracts), working with the business team to help drive product strategy and roadmap from a tech perspective, growing the tech team by hiring great engineering talent, and undertaking R&D in bleeding-edge technology.

What do you enjoy about your role?

It's really interesting to be able to define and create technology for a better world, solve real-world issues and work in uncharted territory, tech-wise.

What has been your biggest accomplishment or favorite project at Allinfra?

We managed to develop a technology that would have maximum data provenance, connect to a multitude of devices and assets and keep things scalable cost-wise. It's not my accomplishment alone, but it's the whole picture that I find satisfying.

What’s the most unique part about working at Allinfra?

The fact that we're a startup working in the decentralised Ethereum ecosystem while serving big corporate entities at the same time.

How do you like to spend your time when you aren’t working?

I enjoy hiking and camping. I live in central Romania which offers a lot of untainted nature and hiking routes. I’m also passionate about history and reading – I’m a big fan of Tolkien's work.

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