We are pleased to introduce the Asia Carbon and Environmental Products (ACEP) Warehouse and Think Tank. Allinfra has joined forces with Asian carbon and investment specialists ADM Capital Climate and Ultimate Carbon to launch this digitally-enabled environmental asset venture.

The ACEP Warehouse and Think Tank will focus on the creation of a portfolio of high-quality and high-integrity environmental financial products – such as carbon credits or renewable energy certificates – that are digitally-enhanced and originated in Asia. To do so, ACEP will leverage the project development, technology, carbon and investment manager capabilities of the partners and will be seeded with a US$10 million warehouse facility as a proof-of-concept.

The venture aims to catalyse increased development and investment in voluntary carbon markets in Asia, broadening access to finance for projects that are positioned to deliver measurable impact in terms of high-quality greenhouse gas mitigation outcomes, carbon credits and other ESG benefits. ACEP will help meet the rapidly growing demand for verified environmental financial products in a manner that leverages technology to bring increased transparency and more effective allocation of environmental claims with tradeable digital assets.

ACEP will achieve its goals through two means. Its warehouse facility will bring much needed and early development capital to qualified assets. ACEP currently has proprietary access to projects that will deliver quality carbon credits in the millions of tonnes per annum. Through its Think Tank, ACEP will contribute to the market a deeper understanding of how existing and emerging technologies can assist in generating and allocating cost-effective, high-integrity environmental financial products.

Interested in learning more about the ACEP Warehouse and Think Tank? Please contact us.