Our data management software, Allinfra Climate, helps institutions across various industries achieve their ESG goals with auditable, verifiable data for sustainability management, reporting and green finance.

When it comes to our renewable energy clients, Allinfra Climate helps asset owners accurately measure output, and package this data into environmental financial products, like a digital renewable energy certificate (dREC™).

The Importance of Data Visualisation

We know that renewable energy companies are sitting on large amounts of data, often across numerous assets in different locations and need a better way to look at this information.

This is where data visualisation comes in – helping asset owners better understand and interact with data, cutting through the noise.

The Allinfra Climate Dashboard and Visualisation Tool

While Allinfra Climate data has always been available via API for easy integration into other tools and workflows, today we are happy to announce a highly requested feature – Allinfra Climate’s new dashboard and visualisation tool, designed specifically for asset owners.

This fully featured permissioned interface utilises web3 technologies and gives renewable energy companies the ability to observe meter, asset and portfolio-level data, recorded on Allinfra Climate’s tamper-proof system, in near real-time.


Key Features

  • Quick stats: Instant access to high-level data like aggregate portfolio energy production, and environmental attributes – like dRECs – produced and sold.
  • Production graph: Get quick insights by visualising energy production over time. Toggle between gross and net production over almost any time period.
  • Portfolio details: Easily view performance on an aggregated portfolio level, asset level and even down to the individual meter level.
  • Real-time monitoring: Allinfra Climate’s data is available, direct from device, on a near real-time basis.


Why Allinfra Climate

What makes this data visualisation tool powerful for renewable energy companies is that it is powered by the repository of accurate and immutable data collected by Allinfra Climate.

Our technology is easy to implement, can connect into existing infrastructure, records energy production down to the meter level, and is able to ingest a variety of supporting data.

The Allinfra Climate solution helps reduce costs, improve efficiency, provide real-time monitoring of data and powers the creation of environmental financial products linked permanently and directly to underlying data.

Are you an energy company looking for a more efficient way to collect, record and monetise production data? We can help. Get in touch with our team for a demo of Allinfra Climate.