Introducing Our Latest Partner: Asia Clean Capital Vietnam

We are delighted to announce that we are working as a technology provider for Asia Clean Capital Vietnam (ACCV) – Vietnam’s leading solar developer for the high-end industrial and commercial market.

Focused on rooftop solar projects, ACCV provides the design, engineering, equipment, government approvals, installation and long-term maintenance of solar and energy storage systems. Its project sites are typically large industrial and commercial facilities with capacity to build rooftop solar plant capacity of up to twenty megawatts.

Allinfra’s Software Combined with ACCV’s Solar Hardware

ACCV will be connecting our sustainability data management software, Allinfra Climate, into existing and new solar projects in Vietnam. We will be launching the partnership with two rooftop solar projects in Ho Chi Minh City: a Schindler factory (elevator manufacturer) and Mapletree’s SC VivoCity shopping mall (real estate developer).

Leveraging Web3 technology, Allinfra Climate collects renewable energy information from ACCV’s projects at source, creating a repository of verifiable, traceable and tamper-proof data. Allinfra Climate’s digital Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (“dMRV”) provides clients with all the verifiable data needed for climate MRV via the Allinfra Climate Dashboard or API.

Using the same Allinfra Climate platform, this data can be used to create high quality digital versions of a renewable energy certificate (dREC™), allowing renewable energy producers to monetise the environmental attributes of renewable energy production.

dREC Creation with the Allinfra Climate Dapp

Allinfra Climate collects and records verifiable, auditable climate-relevant data directly from assets. This data can be used not only for sustainability reporting to stakeholders, but for the creation of both traditional and digital financial products.

The Allinfra Climate Dapp is a user-friendly application that provides an efficient, transparent and cost-effective way to create and sell digital environmental financial products, such as dRECs – without intermediaries. Get in touch with our team for a demo and to learn how you can monetise the environmental attributes you own.

Allinfra is building technology solutions to help your organisation achieve ESG goals. Learn more about our sustainability data management software, Allinfra Climate.