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We've just released a new explainer video that shows how the Allinfra Climate Dapp – a decentralised application that works alongside our sustainability data management software – is transforming the way environmental financial products, like renewable energy certificates, are created, transferred and retired.

Learn about this important product update in our brand new video: Allinfra Climate Dapp Explained.

Allinfra Climate is a blockchain-based sustainability data management software that helps organisations achieve their ESG goals. Collecting climate-relevant information directly from devices, our end-to-end solution allows users to store, use or monetise this verifiable, auditable data.

The Allinfra Climate Dapp is changing how renewable energy certificates are created and sold. Reduce costs, improve efficiency and eliminate the need for intermediaries with this decentralised application.

Are you an energy company looking for a more efficient way to collect, record and monetise production data? Are you looking to meet your climate goals with the most advanced climate product in the market? We can help. Get in touch with our team for a demo of Allinfra Climate.