Whether you’re a renewable energy producer or an energy consumer looking to achieve ESG goals, our data management software, Allinfra Climate, helps asset owners record climate-relevant data that is auditable and verifiable.

In a perfect world, all the data is collected directly from a system of devices, without error, gap or downtime.

But how do you deal with a situation where either you don’t have the ability to automatically capture data from a device or system, or you uncover missing or corrupted data due to device or transmission errors?

Introducing Manual Data Entry

We are delighted to announce a new product update that simplifies the manual insertion or adjustment of data in the Allinfra Climate system. This enhancement ensures a seamless and effortless experience, enabling parties who were unable to capture data directly from device or system to now access the platform.

The Manual Data Entry functionality is ideal for situations such as:

  • correcting missing or corrupted data for any reason (device malfunction, calibration issues, transmission issues, etc);
  • inserting data that is not collected in an automated fashion from an internet-enabled device or system and requires manual input;
  • data that requires third party verification and/or additional documentation; and
  • inserting historic data generated prior to the time of connection to Allinfra.

How It Works


Allinfra Climate clients can go to the Manual Data Entries tab on the Allinfra Climate Dashboard. This overview screen provides a snapshot of all manual data entries and their details.

Clients can perform five distinct functions here with Allinfra Climate’s user-friendly interface:

  • manually upload data for one or more specific devices;
  • manually adjust data captured from a device or system;
  • request and add verification for a specific data set;
  • request and add supplementary information in relation to a data set, for instance a maintenance report for a specific period; and
  • make several data upload entries by submitting a request for multiple data uploads to be verified.

Example: RE100 Company Recording All Energy Data

As an example, let’s say there is an RE100 company that has made a commitment to go 100% renewable when it comes to energy usage. It uses Allinfra Climate to accurately collect all energy consumption and production data. While most meter data comes from devices or systems that automatically connect to the Allinfra Climate system, there are a few older buildings or assets where this is not possible.

In this case, the client would supplement the missing energy data from these older assets by manually uploading data from these assets/devices into Allinfra Climate along with supporting documentation and assigning a verifier to view and sign off that this data is correct. This process, the addition of the manual data, its verification and the upload of any supplementary documentation can all be executed within the platform in a transparent and auditable way.

Are you an energy company looking for a more efficient way to collect, record and monetise production data? Or are you looking to meet your sustainability goals with the most advanced climate product in the market? We can help. Get in touch with our team for a demo of Allinfra Climate.