Today, we’re pleased to announce a new Allinfra Climate functionality designed for financial institutions, corporates and investors: the Green Finance Impact Reporting Tool.

This is a highly customised, granular and secured reporting system for the performance monitoring of assets, projects or entities financed with green or sustainability-linked bonds and loans.

The Green Finance Impact Reporting Tool helps stakeholders more efficiently, cost-effectively and reliably calculate and report on the impact of such assets versus their stated ESG performance metrics.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Single trustless source of truth for reporting on green finance KPIs, accessible by stakeholders
  • Provides transparent and verifiable audit trail on data sourced and how KPIs are calculated
  • Adaptable system – full flexibility and customisation of formulas and KPIs
  • Automated, on-demand report generation
  • Real-time data processing
  • User-friendly interface and simple implementation
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Streamlined platform encompassing all aspects of KPI definition, data collection, verification and reporting – reducing the need for multiple platforms, messy and untimely data exchange and eliminating complex audit trails

How It Works

With this tool, users are able to build customised formulas composed of the defined parameters and mathematical operators for their KPI tracking needs. The tool can calculate results from a wide range of inputs and factors, across different use cases.

Formulas and reports are created with these four simple steps:

1. Define parameters

First the user defines what they are going to collect (the sources of data) and why (what is being calculated – for instance, GHG emissions).

2. Deploy user defined formulas


Once the parameters have been added, the user defines how those parameters will be used in formulas to calculate KPIs or other outcomes. The tool provides full flexibility – with any number of related or dependent formulas able to be defined and then verified by a third party, all from within the tool.

3. Submit climate data input

Once the formulas are deployed, the user can feed relevant data though the formulas and add any additional documentation to accompany that data as required. Data sources can be almost anything – from manually collected data to data direct from devices – and be fully integrated with Allinfra Climate.

Again, a verifier can be nominated for each data input, with that data then signed by the nominated verifier, all executed within the tool.

4. Generate and visualise a report


Finally, once data has been fed through the formulas, the Green Finance Impact Reporting Tool is able to generate an automated, on-demand report for asset performance and impact monitoring.

These reports provide stakeholders with granular data and audit trails, making for streamlined third party verification within an easy-to-use interface.

Why Use the Green Finance Impact Reporting Tool

The Green Finance Impact Reporting Tool provides issuers with a low cost, highly reliable and efficient method to deliver investors and other stakeholders a transparent, timely source of ESG and asset performance information.

To learn more about Allinfra Climate and see if the Green Finance Impact Tool is right for your organisation, please get in touch with our team.