We are pleased to share that Allinfra Climate has been chosen to underpin an initiative launched by Nomura Research Institute (NRI) in early 2024 to promote the creation and distribution of forest-derived J-Credits – carbon credits that are certified by the Japanese government to represent the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that have been reduced or removed by sinks in Japan. NRI aims to reduce CO2 emissions and resolve regional issues surrounding forests, starting with two forest areas in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture.

To streamline the creation of these J-credits and improve the reliability of their underlying data, NRI is using blockchain technology and tokenization for this CSR project.

Allinfra Climate is used for storage of forest project-relevant data; and the creation, transfer and tracking of carbon credit tokens to manage prepayments, forwards and actual J-Credits. The platform can also be used to refine procedures by automating the recording of data, such as CO2 absorption, and streamline the issuance and tracking of environmental financial products (EFPs).

What Is Allinfra Climate?

Allinfra Climate is an end-to-end blockchain-based solution for the collection, storage and use of climate-relevant data.

For both ESG reporting and EFP management, Allinfra Climate ensures underlying data is transparent, verifiable and auditable; while increasing efficiency and reducing third party fees.

Why Use Allinfra Climate to Create and Manage Carbon Credit Forwards, Carbon Credits and other EFPs?

Managing EFPs, such as carbon credit forwards or carbon credits, has historically been inflexible, untimely and opaque. In a traditional scenario you would likely see manual data collection and verification with limited transparency, making the exercise complex, time-consuming and prone to errors such as double counting.

Allinfra Climate helps simplify the process with a transparent, immutable ledger for keeping track of EFPs, where the underlying data and legal documentation is permanently linked to each product. Our platform allows organisations to easily create, transfer and retire EFPs with increased efficiency and accuracy.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Simple management of EFPs: View a summary of products. Quick access to total products minted, retired or unsold.
  • Vintage and product creation: Intuitive process to batch data into vintages and create EFPs in just a few steps.
  • Products tied to source data while preserving privacy: Ability to verify the link to underlying granular source data in specific vintages or products without exposing that information.
  • Embedded legal documentation: No separate legal documents – all integrated in the product.
  • Audit: Simple, intuitive audit process within the platform.
  • Efficiency: Near real-time data collection and immediate product creation.
  • Lower costs: No intermediaries or third parties.

Learn more about Allinfra Climate's Environmental Financial Product Tokenization tool here.